Fearless wins

There’s one in every crowd. Those fearless individuals who dare to defy logic and convention in their quest for what they believe in. With minds open to the odd. And guts on fire. It’s those who don’t avoid the unpaved route and have the balls to make a leap of faith. That’s how they distinguish themselves from all the average. We share in their belief that fearlessness always wins.

Who we are

We are an independent advertising agency with a network of specialists. Creatives, strategists, creators and producers.

What we do

Campaigns, Experience, Advertising and Activations
@ TV/ Online / Social / Digital / or types of media that we have yet to invent

Marcel Frensch
Creative director

I love to collaborate with clients who enable me to go for the ‘never seen before’. I always passionately like to find unexpected ways to reach people in their heart: then magic starts in. Whether it’s funny, emotional, beautiful, mind-blowing or strange, it should be exciting and remarkable advertising.